Industrial Paint Filtration Products

Our paint filtration products offer state-of-the-art filtration, even air flow, and compliance with EPA guidelines for industrial paint and stripping operations. These industrial paint filters remove particles from spray booth operations to reduce pollution released from factories, industries, and other commercial painting operations.

Filter Pads-Fiberglass Pads

A Wide Range of Industrial Paint Filters in Stock

Choose from among paint filters and industrial glass pads, intake panel filters, diffusion media, fiberglass pads and rolls, paint arrestor products, and pre-filter and exhaust filter bags.

Flawless Spray Booth Operation Depends on Even Air Flow

The quality of air intake directly affects spray booth operations. The appropriate diffusion media, air intake panel filters and other necessary creates consistent and uniform air intake. The result? Flawless spray booth operation thanks to consistent air pressure for a smooth, even coating.
Paint Arrestor Bulk Filter Media

Air Intake Panels for Automotive and Industrial Finishing

Air Intake Panel

If you have cross-draft spray booths, our air intake panels are perfect. These panels include tackifier on the air leaving side and are ideal for automotive spray booths where a mirror-smooth finish is required. They’re also great for other industrial finishing applications.

Diffusion Media

Diffusion Media

Our diffusion media is made from a blend of bonding agents and varying sizes of synthetic fiber, all coated with a unique adhesive to create consistent, uniform filtration. You can also use this diffusion media as a ceiling filter in downdraft booths to create an even laminar flow throughout the booth.

Fiberglass Pads and Rolls (E.P. Media)

Fiberglass Pads and Rolls
We carry fiberglass pads and rolls, including E.P. Green Media, E.P. White, and E.P. Red. Each is designed with an outer white layer that offers superior holding capacity and an inner core (green, white, or red) that traps particles. Green rates at 99.74% efficiency, E.P. White at 99.8, and E.P. Red at 99.95%. Great for fine particles and to prevent exhaust duct build-up.

Overspray Collection Bags

Paint arrestor tan

In addition to industrial paint filters, we also carry pre-filter and exhaust filter bags. Overspray collection bags work well in heavy-duty paint coating and powder coating spray operations. Each bag includes added media, fitted into tapered pockets, that increases the surface area and reduces resistance. The bags are fitted with sturdy 9-gauge wire supports, for a self-sealing and super-tight fit. Header-style models are available for metal frame applications.

The right paint filtration products can make a big difference in how your spray booth operates. Speak with the experts at Twin City Filter Service to find the best filters for your painting, coating, and paint stripping operation.

Wide Range of Filters for Industrial Painting and Stripping

Twin City Filter Service offers a wide selection of industrial filters for painting and stripping businesses. These filters work with spray booths and spray gun cleaning areas to keep paints and solvents contained and out of the environment. When you use our filters, you know you’re doing your part to both comply with regulations and keep your environment clean.

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