Best Hail Guards for Commercial Systems

Among all of the commercial hail guards you can choose, none is better than the Hail Master™ Universal Hail Guard, Filter and Track Mount System. This system is a universal coil, condenser and equipment protection setup, made to fit any equipment make and model.

Great features of this system include easy assembly using a combination of mounting track, track connectors, Hail Master Mesh, cottonwood filter screens and quick release twist lock or spin knob fasteners.

This Hail Guard System offers three ways of mounting it to your unit, including:

  1. Mounted to a Track Kit
  2. Track Mounted with Spin Knob Fasteners
  3. Hail Master Mesh under a Cottonwood Filter Screen

No matter which commercial hail guard system you choose, you’re sure to be satisfied with the quality and protection offered by the Hail Master line of filters and screens.

Hail Master™ Hail Guard Track Mount Kit

Hail Master™ Hail Guard Track Mount Kit

The Hail Master Hail Guard Track Mount Kit offers a variety of combinations including custom heavy duty system with commercial grade cottonwood filter greens, heavy duty outer binding, and factory installed grommets. It’s easy to use and easy to install, and lasts for many season on any commercial building.

Hail Guard Corner Connectors, Heavy Duty Spin Knob Fasteners

Hail Guard Hail Master with Spin Knob Fastener

Fast, speedy and secure mounts are here with our Corner Connectors and Heavy Duty Spin Knob Fasteners. These mount on the Hail Master Mesh and HD Commercial Cut Mesh and to our Track Mount Kit through field-installed grommets without binding. It stays put through storms and windy days so your system is protected.

Hail Master Mesh Screen

Hail Guard Hail Master Mesh Roll Cut Screen

Protection from hail and other airborne objects is important. That’s why we recommend the Hail Master Mesh Screen. It’s semi-rigid mesh provides protection for vital equipment. Add a cottonwood filter for added protection and use our track mount system for easy and secure installation.

Three Sizes of Hail Master Hail Guards Available

One size does not fit all when it comes to hail guards. The systems comes in three basic sizes.

For more information about hail guards, visit our manufacturing partner at Air Solution Company.

What Can Hail Guards Protect?

Hail guards and weather guards protect against damage to:

  • Fins and coils on rooftop mounted units
  • Condenser coils and fan blades on air-cooled chillers
  • Fan blades and fill media on cooling towers
  • Coils on upright and vertical heat exchangers
  • Rooftop exhaust fans
  • Air handler exhaust vents
  • Compressor heat loss
  • Ice and snow

Don’t lose money and time from hailstorm damage. Install Hail Master Hail Guards today to protect valuable HVAC equipment.

For basic information and to see how easy Hail Master™ Hail Guards are to assemble, watch our video!

YouTube video

Weather Guard for Low Ambient Operation

A mere 5 mph breeze is enough to disperse the heat necessary for a compressors to startup during frigid temperatures. Weather Guards protect a cooling tower fill and sump from ice and snow. They also protect against prevailing winds to make startup easier. For more information about weather guards, visit our manufacturing partner at Air Solution Company.

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