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Commercial Uses of Aluminum Mesh Filters

Our light duty commercial aluminum mesh filters are an efficient yet economical choice for a wide range of commercial medium-duty applications, ranging from grease filtration to rooftop HVAC systems. Most can be removed and cleaned within your shop or business. These long-lasting filters offer an economical choice for many commercial uses.

aluminun mesh filters

Many Types of Aluminum Mesh Filters in Stock

No matter what type of aluminum mesh filter you need, Twin City Filter Service has it in stock, can custom make it, or acquire it fast.

Type AF Aluminum Filters

Aluminum Mesh Type AF Air Filter

Choose Type AF Filters when you need maximum airflow with minimal pressure drop. A good example is an Economizer or Air Intake Vent. These filters emphasize airflow capacity and are great at capturing large particles while allowing constant airflow to commercial equipment. Use them as pre-filters or in multistage systems.

Type W Filters

Aluminum Mesh Type W/W2 filters

Type W/W2 filters are manufactured for consistent, durable performance. These are the filters used in power plants, wind turbines, oil rigs, and turbine generators. The military uses these in submarines and other sea-faring vessels.

These filters are engineered to manage high airflow velocities in heating, cooling, and ventilation systems. They’re also perfect for demisting applications. Use them in either the air intake or in the airstream after-coils. They do the job in either spot. Choose from bronze, galvanized metal, monel, stainless steel, and aluminum Type W filters.

Type C Replacement Cartridge Filters

Aluminum Mesh type c air filter

Designed for air compressors, blowers, engines, and large-scale industrial generators, Type C replacement cartridge filters maintain a minimal pressure drop while providing maximum airflow. They feature oil-wetted, multi-crimp replacement elements, but are also available without oil wetting.

Ready to Ship

We also carry AirSan Filters and offer a huge selection of durable, economical, and sturdy filters for commercial use. Their ease of use, ability to keep clean, and long-lasting nature make them perfect for many industries.

Talk to our team. Give us your specs. If we don’t have the size or exact type that you need, we make custom filters on site, or we’ll source it from our global network of suppliers. You’ll get a fair price and an estimate of how long it will take to custom fabricate the exact right filter for your needs. Contact us for more information and a price quote.

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