Commercial Air Filters

“We have pretty much everything right in stock. And if we don’t, we’ll get it or make it ourselves!”
Matt - Owner/Proprietor

Commercial Air filter is a broad term which can mean anything from an Aluminum Mesh filter for an Economizer, to a Cottonwood Filter, to a Carbotron pleat. At Twin City Filter Service we either have it, can custom make it, or we can source it right away. Working with us means getting the right filter, right count, at the right price, right away. What’s not to love?

A quick overview of our commercial air filter product line:

Commercial Air Filters

High Efficiency Commercial Filter

Full Selection of MERV 13-16 Filters Available

Because they are the most common filter in the U.S.A., Twin City Filter Service has a full selection of MERV 13-16 air filters available. Choose from:

Merv 13-16 Pleats

But if you need something else, or aren’t sure which air filter to choose, talk to the team. We have over 70 years of experience, and can help you choose the right filter for the right purpose – and give you the best price, too.

Don’t see what you need? Ask! We can order almost any filter combination, size, or materials that you need. If our extensive network of suppliers doesn’t have it, we can also custom make filters to your specifications.

HEPA Industrial Air Filter

Custom Filters and Air Filter Service Too

Custom Filters were our original business and it continues through today. Any shape, any size, any configuration of filter frames and filtration media. And that includes consulting as well. With over 70 years of experience, we’ve helped our HVAC customers solve the unsolvable over and over again. Somehow, we’ll find a way to make the custom filters that will be exactly what you need.

And if your facility is in the Greater Twin Cities Area or Western Wisconsin, we offer a regional service for Filter Changing, Filter Cleaning and Filter Maintenance Service to complement our unbeaten range of filters and belts. Air filters do more than keep the air clean. By keeping dirt out of your HVAC system, they help improve energy efficiency and extend the life of compressors.

But the wrong filter can do more harm than good. So, schedule a consultation today for commercial or industrial air filter products and service and we’ll give you the right product, right count, right size, right away.

Call us at 612-721-4000.

Z-pak Industrial Air Filter

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