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Low Efficiency Filters – Industrial

For low-efficiency industrial panel filters, we’ve got your needs covered. We stock a wide variety, including HVXM, GDS, PTA.

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Types of Low Efficiency Filters Ready to Go!



Our HVXM is a Z-Line filter that achieves MERV 10 per the 2015 ANSI/ASHRAE 52.2-2012 Supplement Standard with no increase in initial pressure drop (and the service life will not be affected.)



Our GDS disposable panel filter provides 10% greater open media area than traditional metal grill filters and offers excellent dust holding capacity. The “double strut” construction allows for easier disposal, eliminates sharp edges and reduces carton weight. Available in 1″ and 2″ depths in many standard sizes.



Our PTA’s metal grid provides an 82% open area. The frame is made from single piece, heavy-duty craft board. It features closed and sealed corners, and the filter media offers progressively denser materials from the air entering to the air leaving side.

Custom Low Efficiency Filters Available

Need a special construction or filter size? No problem! We can custom make low efficiency filters in any size, shape, or combination of frame and filter media. If you have the measurements available, we can get you a price quote quickly and let you know the turnaround time. At Twin City Filter, it’s fast and easy to get precisely the filter that you need.

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