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Aluminum Mesh Filters for Industrial Use

Twin City Filter Service carries a complete line of heavy-duty industrial aluminum mesh filters. “Aluminum mesh filter” is actually a broad term used to describe a wide range of filters made in a variety of materials. They’re durable, often washable, and can be used to filter polymers and fibers. You can find such filters in many industrial environments including aerospace, paper, marine, oil, and more.

aluminun mesh filters

Saving with an Economizer

TCFS provides aluminum mesh filters for any type of economizer. An economizer is, simply put, a vent, mechanically opened or closed as determined by a sensor, to let in outside air. An economizer is like an indoor/outdoor thermostat that decides when to open or close the windows.

Comparing indoor with outdoor temperature and opening the vent when programmed to do so, also means turning off the AC or heat, thus creating economy. A more common economizer measures both temperature and humidity, opening the vent only when both are within a desirable range. More complex integrated differential enthalpy economizers, which measure return air, and might control an HVAC system and service a variety of zones.

No matter which economizer system you run, TCFS has the aluminum mesh filters you need in the right size, right count, right value, right away.

Custom Aluminum Mesh Filters

We make custom filters to fit your equipment perfectly. Watch our video to see our custom process.

YouTube video

Industrial Aluminum Mesh Filters Available

We stock permanent air filters for HVAC and industrial applications. Here are some specific examples.

Type AF for Maximum Airflow with Minimal Pressure Drop

Aluminum Mesh Type AF Air Filter

AF filter emphasize airflow capacity versus filtration efficiency. They capture big particles and allow a constant air level to flow to industrial equipment. AF Filters are designed for applications requiring maximum airflow with minimal pressure drop. They’re best-suited to use as pre-filters in multistage equipment and are terrific for moisture and oil mist elimination.

Type W/W2 for Heavy-Duty Industrial Needs

Aluminum Mesh Type W/W2 filters

Type W/W2 filters are the durable workhorses of the industrial filter world. These filters are used in power plants, offshore oil rigs, turbine generators and wind turbines. You can even find them in submarines and surface vessels used by the military. Why? Because these are viscous-impingement filters, which are engineered to manage high airflow velocities in critical air handling equipment in heating, cooling, and ventilation systems.

They are also ideal for demisting applications and can be applied either at the air intake or in the airstream after-coils. Materials include bronze, galvanized, monel, stainless steel, and aluminum air filters.

Type C Replacement Cartridge Filters

Aluminum Mesh type c air filter

Designed for engines, air compressors, blowers and large-scale industrial generators, Type C replacement cartridge filter offer oil-wetted, multi-crimp replacement elements that are optimized for maximum airflow and to maintain a minimal pressure drop. Filter elements are also available without oil wetting, offering an effective option for oil-mist control or moisture elimination.

Ready to Ship

Twin City Filter Service has these aluminum mesh filters in stock and ready to ship. We also offer Airsan Aluminum Air Filters for certain situations. Talk to our team and give us your specs. If we don’t have the size or exact type that you need, we make custom filters on site. We’ll give you a fair price and an estimate about how long it will take to custom fabricate the right filter for your needs. Or we can easily order it in from our global network of suppliers.

Call us at 612-721-4000.

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