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Custom Filters on Demand

Custom air filters (and some custom liquid filters) – Matt Olson continues a 70+ year tradition of solving problems for air filter users in just about every industry. That why HVAC contractors, building managers, heavy industry mechanics and light commercial building managers have brought their special problems to Twin City Filter Service.

  • For the workshop with oil droplets escaping: custom cartridge filter media. Problem solved.
  • For the condo with the furnace installed backwards: custom half-sized filters. Problem solved.
Measuring custom filter frame

70+ Years of Custom Air Filters

Twin City Filter Service began as a custom filters shop. Over 70 years ago, our founder made the first custom filters right here. He gathered the right filter media, the right frames, at the right price giving his customers what they needed and they kept coming back for more.

Today, we continue that tradition of being the problem solvers for our customers. If you need a custom air filter, Twin City Filter Service can build out any size, shape, or configuration of frame materials and filtration media that you need. There’s no such thing as “can’t do” with us. Somehow, we’ll find a way to make the custom filters that you need.

Cutting Flat Custom Filter
We also provide air filter service, grease filter service, and belts to keep your business running.

We like a challenge. And we love customers who bring us their specs and ask us to fabricate a special-order filter. If you’d like an estimate on a custom filter, call us today. If you’re local, come by the shop. We’ll be glad to help. Right filter, right value, right away.

Call us at 612-721-4000.

Uncurling Custom Filter

“We have pretty much everything right in stock. And if we don’t, we’ll get it or make it ourselves!”
Matt - Owner/Proprietor

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