Grease Filter Service Saves You Time on a Messy Job

If you hate the time and labor costs of cleaning your kitchen’s commercial grease filters, you’ll love our grease filter service. If you are in the Greater Twin Cities or Western Wisconsin, we’ll take the work and mess out of cleaning grease filters by exchanging them for fresh, clean ones, then having your old ones professionally cleaned. The results: a safer kitchen with better air quality and kitchen hoods that run more efficiently.

Grease Filter Service

How Does Our Grease Filter Service Work?

Grease filter service from Twin City Filter Service works on an exchange system. We remove the dirty filters from your kitchen system have them professionally cleaned at our facility. We replace them and you’re done! ZERO work on your part to keep your grease filters clean.

It’s simple, fuss-free, and helps keep your commercial kitchen cleaner while improving the air quality for all.

Dirty-vs-Clean Grease Filter

Why Use Twin City Filter’s Grease Filter Service?

The National Fire Protection Association states that 22% of restaurant and commercial kitchen fires are due to failure to clean. Grease filters capture vaporized grease particles before they can accumulate inside the ductwork. But if grease filters get dirty or clogged with grease, they can’t do their job properly. A single spark or a flare up from the grill can ignite deposits and cause a costly fire.

A few of the advantages of our grease filter service:

  • Your air and grease filters are commercially cleaned – completely free of grease and grime
  • Our service technicians exchange the filters
  • Your kitchen hood runs more efficiently with commercially cleaned grease filters
  • We will match your current filter style or upgrade with UL Approved Baffle Filters
  • Our high standards and commitment to quality allow us to give you the best possible service.
Washing custom filter

Ready to get started? If you are in the Greater Twin Cities or Western Wisconsin, call us today. By this time next month, changing the grease filters in your system will be one less thing to worry about.

Contact us at 612-721-4000 for a quote.

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