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Industrial Cottonwood Filter Screens

The principal difference between industrial filter screens and commercial filter screens is the strength of the material and stitching. The Industrial grade cottonwood filter, for instance, is engineered with an especially durable HVAC Mesh, 2.25” fiber reinforced outer bindings, industrial grade grommets, etc.

Cottonwood Filter
industrial cottonwood filters

All industrial cottonwood filters created at Air Solutions Company, U.S.A. meet just about any air intake need and maintenance budget. Plus, they are compatible with most mechanical equipment makes and models.

For more information visit our manufacturing partner at Air Solution Company.

Industrial Grade Cottonwood Filters

These industrial grade cottonwood filters are ideal for use on all packaged and in-ground field erected cooling towers, large tonnage air cooled chillers and condenser units, and evaporative condenser units. The extraordinarily low static pressure impact at low and high air volume and velocities is an excellent feature of these industrial filters.

Industrial Grade Cottonwood Filter

Engineered HVAC Mesh

Cottonwood Filter – Industrial Grade

2.25” heavy duty, fiber reinforced outer binding, industrial grade grommets and heavy duty, self-tapping stud adapter fastener. Fastens to steel and masonry for all your industrial applications.

Dual-Ply Filters

Dual Ply Filter

Dual Ply Cottonwood Filter

NEW! Stackable dual ply filters

NEW! Stackable dual ply filters
  • Includes: Heavy Duty, Fiber Reinforced Outer Binding with Quick Release Nylon Toggle Fasteners or Self-Tapping Screws & Bonded Washer Fasteners and any combination of Commercial Duty, Industrial and Fine Mesh Media. Two or more plies are produced as individual filters that can be stacked on top of one another using common fasteners. This option enables greater flexibility and ease of cleaning vs. the non- stackable dual-ply product. Available Fasteners are Toggle Fasteners or Industrial Grade Stud Adapter Fasteners.
  • Ideal For: applications where cottonwood seed, insects, etc. are accompanied by excessive dust. Also, ideal for helping to reduce snow buildup in duct & air chambers during winter periods.

Slide mount filter systems

Cottonwood Filter slidemount
  • Includes: Heavy Duty Industrial Grade Filter, Hardware and Cable Mounting Assembly. This filter slides like a curtain and includes Velcro Bundle Straps to hold filters neatly bundled to the side during storage periods.
  • Ideal For: Medium and Large Tonnage Air Cooled Chillers and condensers up to 8ft. high and small to mid-size cooling towers

Roller track filter systems

Cottonwood Roller track filter systems
  • Includes: Heavy Duty Industrial Grade Filter, Roller Hooks, Heavy Duty Galvanized Track and Mounting Hardware and Velcro Bundle Straps to Hold Filters Neatly To One Side During Storage. This Filter Glides Along the Track Like A Curtain to Open and Close.
  • Ideal For: Medium and Large Tonnage Air Cooled Chillers, Condensers and Large Cooling Towers or intake openings.

Industrial pulley mount filter systems

Cottonwood Industrial pulley mount filter systems
  • Includes: Engineered Industrial HVAC Mesh, Cables & Pulley Assembly, and Pulley Rope & Mounting Hardware. Available with Choice of Bundle Straps for off season storage, Vinyl Cover or, Integrated Galvanized Storage Box with Turn Lock Cover.
  • Ideal For: Large Cooling Towers and Intake Openings that require fast set-up or take down at the beginning & end of the season.

How to Install Industrial Cottonwood Filters

To see how easy cottonwood filters are to install, watch our video:

We also carry commercial grade cottonwood filters such as:

  • Standard duty filters
  • Fine mesh grade commercial filters
  • Medium duty commercial filters
  • Heavy duty commercial filters

Residential Condenser Coil Filters

Make your home system run with less stress, reduce energy costs and reduce compressor pressure, which increases AC operating life. For more information call us at 612-721-4000, or visit our manufacturing partner at Air Solution Company Commercial & Industrial Filter Screens.

Questions? Call us at 612-721-4000.

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