Air Filter Service from Twin City Filter

Even though some people shorten our name to Twin City Filter, our full name is Twin City Filter SERVICE. That’s because we not only have one of the country’s widest selections of filters and belts – we have a highly experienced staff that can do your:

  • Filter Changing
  • Filter Cleaning, and
  • Filter Maintenance

so you don’t have to. We provide this service throughout the Greater Twin Cities Metro and Western Wisconsin.

And it goes beyond labor. What if you had a service that reminded you that opening more Air Intakes or your Economizer is a simple step to fight COVID? What if another company sold you a higher MERV rated filter than your system could handle? Wouldn’t it be good to have a service that told you that the back pressure from that filter could burn-out your HVAC motor?

Air Filter Service

One Less Thing for You to Worry About

It shouldn’t take a degree in Mechanical Engineering to pick the right filters for your systems; for your individual needs. By working with Twin City Filter Service you are working with people that have over 75 years of experience with ULPA filters, HEPA filters, Bulk Media, Cartridge, Paint, Cottonwood, and custom air filters.

Whether you’re buying for an office, campus or condo; or whether your filters are for a paint shop, or medical center, replacing filters is probably not your primary responsibility. It’s easy to let the filters wait until you have some free time. And that could become an expensive hazard to people and equipment.


Convenient Air Filter Changes Saves You Time and Money

Clean air filters can help you:

  • Lower energy usage
  • Improve circulation during cooling and heating periods
  • Reduce the running time of compressors, furnaces, and other equipment due to better airflow
  • Reduce the cleaning of coils, ducts, ceilings and indoor building areas
  • Reduce wear and tear and repair on HVAC units
  • Protection of air quality

Ready to get started? If you are in the Greater Twin Cities or Western Wisconsin, call us today. By this time next month, changing the air filters, grease filters or doing the filter changing, filter cleaning, and maintenance service for your system will be one less thing to worry about.

Contact us at 612-721-4000 for a quote.

“We have pretty much everything right in stock. And if we don’t, we’ll get it or make it ourselves!”
Matt - Owner/Proprietor

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