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Good Quality Replacement Filters Create Better Products

Good quality replacement filters can actually increase quality and customer satisfaction with your products. Here’s how.   Good Filters Keep Impurities Out Whether you’re manufacturing goods or painting finished products, a good filtration system keeps impurities from entering into the assembly line. Good-quality industrial filters screen out sand, grit, metal filings and many other materials […]

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Industrial Filters Keep Indoor Air Quality Healthy

It’s funny how one simple change, like changing out your industrial filters, can impact so many things. Take your company’s productivity, for example. Indoor air quality greatly affects worker productivity and health. If your industrial filters aren’t changed often enough, or you use a poor-quality filter that doesn’t do its job, indoor air quality suffers, […]

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Possible Problems with HEPA Replacement Filters

You’ve just picked up a stack of HEPA replacement filters and you’ve returned to the job site. You unload the filters and get to work…only to find that the replacement filters are damaged. What happened?   According to the National Air Filtration Association, HEPA filters are more fragile than other types of filters.  Damage to […]

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Stock Up on Bulk Media for Industrial Filters

Bulk media for industrial filters offers a time and money-saving option for those who know they’re going to go through a lot of filtration media. Twin City Filter Services offers residential, commercial and industrial bulk media. If we don’t have it in stock, we can order it from one of our suppliers and ship it […]

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Cog Belts or V-Belts?

Ever wonder why cog belts have become so popular, or why cog belts can often give better performance than V-belts in some systems? It’s simple physics. Cog belts have a toothed surface that grips around the sheave more tightly than smooth V-belts. Cog belts can also transmit more power into a system, making them more […]

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Expert Belt Suppliers in the Twin Cities Area

Twin City Filter Service became belt suppliers several years ago thanks to customer requests that we begin selling belts. Today, you can buy belts from us just as you can buy filters. We offer the same fast, friendly service and great selection as belt suppliers that we do as a supplier of filters. Stop by […]

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