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Should You Replace V Belts with Cog Belts?

Cog belts can replace V belts in many types of equipment. Many people trust their V belt systems and wonder why they should switch.   V belt systems can run with about 95 to 98 percent efficiency at the time of installation. That number drops to about 93 percent over the life of the belt. […]

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Questions People Ask Belt Suppliers

As belt suppliers we often get questions from customers who need help choosing the right belt.  Some of the most frequently asked questions we hear include: Do you have this belt in stock? As belt suppliers to many commercial clients, Twin City Filter Service has many belts in stock. If we don’t have what you […]

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Cog Belts or V-Belts?

Ever wonder why cog belts have become so popular, or why cog belts can often give better performance than V-belts in some systems? It’s simple physics. Cog belts have a toothed surface that grips around the sheave more tightly than smooth V-belts. Cog belts can also transmit more power into a system, making them more […]

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Belt Suppliers in the Midwest

Having a steady, reliable source of belts for your HVAC needs is critical to keeping your plant running smoothly. Sure, belt suppliers aren’t glamorous…but when you think about it, your company’s belt supplier is just as important as the company who delivers fuel oil or makes the computers run. That’s because HVAC belts keep HVAC […]

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