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Residential Replacement Filters Schedule

If you don’t remember the last time you changed your home air filter, it’s time to look now! Air filters inside your home keep the air clean and free from contaminants. Clean filters also help your system work efficiently, reducing energy costs and wear-and-tear on your system’s motor. So it pays to put a reminder […]

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Now’s the Time to Change or Clean Cottonwood Filters

Welcome to cottonwood filters season, aka Spring. Why is spring a good time to change or clean cottonwood filters?   Spring means that everything is budding…including cottonwood trees. Flowers, pollen, and seed pods from many types of trees can easily be pulled into HVAC units, clogging up the system and causing them to work harder. […]

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Consider Replacement Filters When Choosing HVAC Systems

When you’re choosing an HVAC system, consider the cost of replacement filters and factor them into your purchasing decision.   This may sound absolutely ridiculous to some. You’re going to spend thousands, perhaps even millions of dollars on a commercial installation. Why consider the cost of replacement filters?   Think about your office or home […]

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Filter Frame Problems and Solutions

Filter frames can be made from many different materials. There are metal, plastic and other types of filter frames. Each material has its own benefits and drawbacks in terms of performance and cost. But one thing is certain: when filter frames fit properly, the entire system benefits. Poorly-fitted filter frames allow air to pass through […]

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Replacing Residential Air Filters

Installing replacement filters is a fairly simple process on most household HVAC systems. If you’re new to maintaining your home’s system, here’s a primer on choosing and installing replacement filters. Choosing Replacement Filters The easiest way to purchase a replacement filter is to write down the brand name and any identification numbers, model numbers or […]

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