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Three Myths About MERV

MERV is one of several standards methods of rating air filters. MERV ratings are used to indicate the particle size that a filter can capture. The higher the number, the smaller the particles the filter can trap and keep from the air circulating through the system.   Everyone thinks they know what MERV ratings mean…but […]

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What Are MERV Filters?

It sounds like the name of a person rather than a filter: MERV filters. MERV stands for Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value. It is a standard method of measuring a filter’s efficiency. MERV values help consumers differentiate among the many different types, brands, and price points of filters on the market. They also help builders, environmental […]

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What Difference Does a MERV Rating Make?

The MERV rating on your system’s air filters plays an important role in both improving indoor air quality and controlling heating and cooling costs. Here’s the impact that the MERV rating makes – and the difference it can make in your energy bills! What Is a MERV Rating? The MERV rating on air filters refers […]

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