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Many Uses of Industrial Filters

Have you ever thought about the many uses of industrial filters? I started trying to count the many ways that industrial filters not only help keep the environment cleaner, but improve the quality of life for people everywhere. It’s amazing how something as simple as industrial filters helps so many things. Think of these facts […]

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Cleaning Grease Filters with Cleaning Tanks

Commercial food service establishments know that cleaning grease filters is important for health, safety, and longevity of exhaust fans and air systems. Grease filters can rapidly become clogged with particles, grease and oils. Cleaning tanks make some of the work cleaning grease filters a little easier.   What are cleaning tanks? They resemble trash cans […]

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Baffle Grease Filters for Better Air Quality

Baffle grease filters can improve the air quality in your restaurant or commercial kitchen. They’re made to trap grease more efficiently, and they keep it from entering the duct work of your exhaust system. Baffles are evenly spaced panels across the range hood that direct the air flow into the hood itself. Unlike aluminum mesh […]

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Cleaning Grease Filters

Commercial kitchens and restaurants rely on baffle grease filters to prevent fires. But if the filter gets clogged, it restricts the air-flow, and it may even become a fire hazard. Grease filters and catch basins are usually made so that they can be cleaned regularly rather than replaced. That makes sense, because kitchens need to […]

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