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Industrial Filters for Heavy-Duty Applications

Manufacturers have different industrial filter needs than other commercial uses. Cartridge filters for heavy-duty applications provide superior filtration to protect the manufacturing environment from particulates that can damage the quality of end products. Twin City Filter Service offers a selection of specially chosen industrial filters for our customers, including cartridge filters. Our selection includes standard […]

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High Efficiency Filters: Spotlight on the Puracell II Filter

Twin City Filter Service carries a wide range of high efficiency filters. Among the products that we offer are the Puracell series of high efficiency filters. These filters offer excellent performance and heavy-duty construction at a reasonable price.   The Puracell II M and MH filters are constructed with a heavy-duty, galvanized metal frame. This […]

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Testing Fibrous High Efficiency Filters

Fibrous high efficiency filters offer the unique ability to trap both small and large-sized particles efficiently, while allowing mid-sized particles to pass through. In tests using aerosol disbursement, particles smaller than 0.1 µm and larger than 0.4 µm were effectively captured most. Medium sized particles, defined as 0.1 µm to 0.4 µm in size, were […]

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What Is a High Efficiency Filter?

You’ve probably seen packages marked “high efficiency filter.” But what is a high efficiency filter? Do you need one? Is it any better than other filters? High efficiency filters are MERV 11-16, and are designed to remove particulates from 65% up to HEPA efficiencies. HEPA (high-efficiency particulate absorption) filters remove airborne particles at efficiencies of […]

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