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Now’s the Time to Change or Clean Cottonwood Filters

Welcome to cottonwood filters season, aka Spring. Why is spring a good time to change or clean cottonwood filters?   Spring means that everything is budding…including cottonwood trees. Flowers, pollen, and seed pods from many types of trees can easily be pulled into HVAC units, clogging up the system and causing them to work harder. […]

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How Air Filters Work

Air filters are probably just one of those things you take for granted. It’s a piece of equipment that you change or clean regularly, and that’s it, right? But have you ever given thought to exactly how air filters work? An air filter is a dirt trap. Floating through the air at any given moments […]

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Fabrics Used in Industrial Filters

Fabric filters are often used in industrial filters. Common applications include industrial filters for coal-fired boilers and energy generation plants; incinerators and waste disposal plants; pharmaceutical manufacturing; steel, cement and metal fabrication plants; and even in food manufacturing. In fact, fabric filters are considered to be one of the best types of filters for very […]

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