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Now’s the Time to Change or Clean Cottonwood Filters

Welcome to cottonwood filters season, aka Spring. Why is spring a good time to change or clean cottonwood filters?   Spring means that everything is budding…including cottonwood trees. Flowers, pollen, and seed pods from many types of trees can easily be pulled into HVAC units, clogging up the system and causing them to work harder. […]

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Looking for Special Replacement Filters? Call Twin City Filter Service First

            If you are looking for certain replacement filters but are having trouble finding them, call Twin City Filter Service. Since 1942, we have been the Twin Cities’ largest supplier of replacement filters, industrial filters, commercial filters and all types of filters, filtration media, filter frames and more.   Our […]

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Cottonwood Filters Screen Out More Than Just Cottonwood Debris

They’re called “cottonwood filters” because cottonwood seeds are everywhere during the spring and summer. That’s when cottonwood trees send seed filaments through the air, and these can get drawn into rooftop units and air intake openings on cooling towers. If you live in cottonwood country and don’t install a cottonwood filter, over time the seeds […]

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How Can Cottonwood Filters Help Your Business Save Money?

Did you know that cottonwood filters can help your business save money? Cottonwood filters are screens that fit over air intake systems. During the spring and summer months in certain parts of the country, cottonwood trees shed their white, fluffy seed pods. These airborne filaments can clog the air intake systems of many HVAC units. […]

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Cottonwood Filters Prevent HVAC Problems

Spring is in the air, and so are the cottonwood seeds; which means it’s time to talk about cottonwood filters. These filters are mounted on the exterior of your unit’s air intake, and screen out airborne debris. Yes, they do screen that pesky cottonwood fiber, but they’ll also prevent other airborne particles and trash from […]

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