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Residential Replacement Filters Schedule

If you don’t remember the last time you changed your home air filter, it’s time to look now! Air filters inside your home keep the air clean and free from contaminants. Clean filters also help your system work efficiently, reducing energy costs and wear-and-tear on your system’s motor. So it pays to put a reminder […]

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Now’s the Time to Change or Clean Cottonwood Filters

Welcome to cottonwood filters season, aka Spring. Why is spring a good time to change or clean cottonwood filters?   Spring means that everything is budding…including cottonwood trees. Flowers, pollen, and seed pods from many types of trees can easily be pulled into HVAC units, clogging up the system and causing them to work harder. […]

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Industrial Air Filters During Flu Season

Although cold and flu season seems far away, there are steps you can take to monitor your industrial air filters and systems now to prevent problems later. Colds, influenza and other viruses can be easily spread in commercial buildings where air tends to re-circulate and windows don’t open.  Such buildings depend heavily on clean, high-quality […]

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Signs that High Efficiency Filters Need to Be Changed

How often should you change your high efficiency filters? If your unit does not have a magnahelic pressure gauge you need to calendar your changes. But a calendar isn’t a reliable guide, as environmental changes can cause a filter to clog sooner rather than later. Changing your filter now, before it’s completely clogged, can save […]

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