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Belt Suppliers Who Care About Customer Service

You need belts – V-belts, cog belts, toothed belts, in many sizes and materials. And while you need selection, you also need customer service. At Twin City Filter Service, we like to think we go the extra mile to provide exceptional service to our clients. We offer hundreds of belt SKUs – in stock and […]

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Expert Belt Suppliers with Same Day Shipping

  When you need belts fast, count on us – belt suppliers that offer same day shipping to customers coast to coast, with next day delivery to customers in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, South Dakota and North Dakota. Twin City Filter Service also offers expert advice, and help finding the right belts for your needs.   […]

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Three Tips for Choosing the Right Belt Suppliers

There are many belt suppliers out there. So how do you know which belt supplier is the right one for your needs? Consider the following when choosing belt suppliers:   Reliability:  Reliable belt suppliers have been in business for a long time. Their staff is knowledgeable about cog belts, V-belts, and other belts used in […]

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Belt Suppliers in the Midwest

Having a steady, reliable source of belts for your HVAC needs is critical to keeping your plant running smoothly. Sure, belt suppliers aren’t glamorous…but when you think about it, your company’s belt supplier is just as important as the company who delivers fuel oil or makes the computers run. That’s because HVAC belts keep HVAC […]

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Questions to Ask Belt Suppliers

Calling belt suppliers to find out the availability and price of replacement belts is something most people do when they need a replacement or new belt. But beyond asking “Do you have it?” and “How much is it”, there are a few other questions you can ask to ensure you get the most for your […]

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What to Know Before You Call Belt Suppliers

Although belt suppliers may tell you differently, not all belts are equal. Before calling belt suppliers about replacements, consider the following. Where were their belts made? American-made rubber belts, especially V-belts for industry, manufacturing and automotive applications tend to be better-made and last longer than belts manufactured elsewhere. Ask where the belt suppliers’ get their […]

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