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Many Uses of Industrial Filters

Have you ever thought about the many uses of industrial filters? I started trying to count the many ways that industrial filters not only help keep the environment cleaner, but improve the quality of life for people everywhere. It’s amazing how something as simple as industrial filters helps so many things. Think of these facts […]

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Baffle Grease Filters for Better Air Quality

Baffle grease filters can improve the air quality in your restaurant or commercial kitchen. They’re made to trap grease more efficiently, and they keep it from entering the duct work of your exhaust system. Baffles are evenly spaced panels across the range hood that direct the air flow into the hood itself. Unlike aluminum mesh […]

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Baffle Grease Filters Reduce Fire Risk in Commercial Kitchens

Baffle grease filters, when properly fitted and maintained, helps prevent grease fires in commercial kitchens from spreading to the roof. In commercial kitchens, fans draw air up and away from cooking surfaces. That air is laden with tiny grease particles, which baffle grease filters catch. Without baffle grease filters, grease passes directly into the ductwork […]

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Great Reasons to Use Baffle Grease Filters

Kitchen grease fires are almost inevitable. The reason d’être for Baffle Grease Filters is to prevent kitchen grease fires from “going up the stack.” That means they help prevent grease fires from burning down the building. Flames can go right through a mesh filter, which could allow the chimney, roof or upper floors to catch […]

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