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Professional Air Filter Service

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Our new professional air filter service complements your existing maintenance program by ensuring that all filters are changed promptly. Clean filters lower energy use, as well as improve circulation during heating and cooling periods. With cleaner filters, your system runs at peak efficiency.


The air filter service we offer ensures that a professional crew arrives on a pre-determined schedule and changes the air filters throughout the system. We bring new filters with us, and examine the equipment while we are on premises. While we do not offer a repair service, we can spot problems and alert you so that your regular repair and maintenance service can be called in.

If you struggle with keeping filter maintenance and cleaning on a regular basis, the air filter service from Twin City Filter Service is an excellent addition to your existing system maintenance. It’s easy, convenient, and there are no hidden costs. Each customer receives an individualized price quotation based on the filters needed and other considerations.


At Twin City Filter Service, we provide a wide range of air filters, industrial filters, grease filters and more for home and commercial needs. We can make some custom filters at our shop, or order custom filters for special needs. If we don’t stock what you need, we’ll reach out to our extensive network of suppliers to find exactly what you need.


For more information on the air filter service, please call us at (612) 721-2001.

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