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Air Filter Service

At Twin City Filter Service, we know that the protection of your HVAC equipment and the quality of the air you breathe is extremely important. Frequently changed HVAC filters will maintain your equipment and improve the indoor air quality. Call us today (612-721-4000) for the right product, right count, right size, right away.

The benefits of frequently changed HVAC air filters include:

  • Lower energy usage
  • Improve circulation during cooling and heating periods
  • Reduce the running time of compressors, furnaces, etc because of better airflow
  • Reduce the cleaning of coils, ducts, ceilings and indoor building areas
  • Reduce wear and tear and repair on HVAC units
  • Protection of air quality

Our HVAC Air Filter Service is individually designed for your specific needs. There are no hidden costs for our service, because we specialize in changing filters only.

In addition, our service is easily combined with an existing preventative maintenance program.

Another advantage to our filter service is that our service representative will see the HVAC units on a regular basis.

We do not perform repairs, but we can spot potential problems – belts, bearings, etc., that can be brought to your attention immediately.

If you live in the greater Twin Cities Region, contact us today to get your professional filter service started!