High Efficiency Filters at Twin City Filter

High efficiency filters for commercial use are some of our most popular products. They are most often used in commercial buildings, including hospitals, arenas, etc. We stock a large selection of MERV 13-16 high efficiency filters for your convenience. Call for these, ULPA or other high efficiency filters and you’ll get them fast.

Types of High Efficiency Filters Ready to Go

Whether you need metal frame box filters or pocket/bag filters, our selection of high efficiency filters cannot be matched. We offer:

  • MVX MERV 11-16
  • Poly-Rings, Sleeves and Links
  • Bag Filters / Pocket Filters
  • Z-Line Pleated and Air Cleaner Replacement Filters
  • Purapak
  • Puracell Line
  • Z-pak
  • Magna

MVX MERV 11-16

MVX Filter 300

AVAILABLE NOW!! The MVX is a fully potted micro glass fiber filter, with an ABS frame. It is used for gas turbine and other applications. It comes in sizes up to 24″ height, a 17″ depth and widths of 12″, 20″ and 24″ (23.2 x 23.3 x 17.32 actual). In the largest size, the media area is 344 sq. ft with a 2500 cfm air flow and a pressure drop of 0.54 inches w.g. It’s operating temperature is 176º F.

Poly-Rings, Sleeves and Links


The Phoenix Series Poly-Rings, Sleeves and Links utilize layers of 100% non-woven polyester media and offer a variety of styles, multiple filtration media layers and performance levels.

For optimum performance, the air-leaving side is treated with a non-toxic, non-migratory adhesive. Media overlap ensures a positive seal between the filter and the holding frame, eliminating the possibility of air bypass and the need for supplemental gasketing.

PR-10 and PR-20 Poly-Rings are rated MERV 8 and are perfect for paint booths to upgrading a lower efficient filter. Offered in 1/2″: PR-5; 1″: PR-10 and 2″: PR-20 nominal thickness for a broad range of dust loading applications.

Bag Filters / Pocket Filters

EXCEL Bag Filter

Our Quad and Cube polyester medium efficiency bag filters perform well in both variable and constant volume systems. The rigid, self-seal design of these filters helps prevent air bypass and allows the filters to operate under adverse conditions, especially where high humidity is present.

The Quad 440 features a two-stage 100% non-woven polyester media for maximum efficiency and service life. The open fibers on the intake layer catch the larger particles allowing the finer particles to be caught by the dense outflow layer. The Quad 440 achieves MERV 7.

Our Cube Filters feature the same two-stage polyester media found in the Quad 440 and are available in regular, internal supported and unitized construction. All filters incorporate media that is Class 2 under U.L. std. 900.

Purapak Extended Surface Bag Filter and Excel Synthetic Pocket Bags

Purapak Bag Filter

The Purapak extended surface bag filter and EXCEL synthetic pocket bags are constructed with ultra-fine fiberglass media fibers for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications. The stitching is coated with a thin line of hot melt adhesive to secure the thread to the media and seal any perforations in the media caused by sewing.

The pockets are individually adhered to an internal aluminum tube header. Each individual pocket is fastened to the next by means of pocket support ribs, which are mechanically attached to the internal header. The entire assembly is encased in a galvanized steel header frame to prevent racking and possible bypass of unfiltered air.

Both the Excel and Purapak filters are rated to withstand temperatures up to 160º F. Available in MERV 9, 11, 13 & 15.

Z-Line Pleated and Air Cleaner Replacement Filters


The Z-Line Pleated and Air Cleaner Replacement Filters feature fibers which do not absorb moisture and will not support microbial growth. Achieving a MERV 10 rating or above, they include:

  • ZL – Offers excellent performance and value for a wide range of applications
  • HV – Ideal in high-velocity systems where maximum square footage of media is necessary
  • MR-13 – Provides high performance with low pressure drop for energy efficiency

Constructed with an extended-surface pleated-media type and 100% synthetic fibers. Pleats are in a tapered radial configuration. A heavy duty, recycled expanded metal reinforcement is laminated to the air-exit side of the media by a thermo-setting adhesive to maintain continuity of the radial pleats. The galvanized frames resist rust and corrosion. Rated to withstand temperatures up to 180º F.

Puracell Line

The Puracell line of filters include:

Puracell IIP and IIPH

Puracell IIP and IIPH Filters

Puracell IIP and IIPH – Plastic Frame Mini-Pleat Series is designed for use in applications where a high degree of efficiency is required in a 4″ deep filter.

Puracell II

Puracell II Filter

A mini-pleat cartridge encapsulated between two heavy-duty beverage board die-cut frames. Ideal for applications requiring high efficiency in a 4″ depth. Available in MERV 11, 13, 14 & 15 performance.

Puracell VP-S and VPX-S

Puracell-VP-S-VPX-S Filter

All-plastic frame extended surface mini-pleat filters offer high efficiency particulate removal, extended service life and extremely low resistance to air flow. The media is water resistant, inorganic, wet laid glass microfiber which does not support the growth of bacteria or mold and is completely sealed and bonded within the heavy-duty framework. Rated to withstand temperatures up to 180º F.

Puracell VP and VPX

Industrial-Puracell-VP-VPX Filter

Extended surface mini-pleat filters offer high efficiency particulate removal, extended service life and extremely low resistance to air flow. The Puracell VP (4V) and VPX (2V) frame filters incorporate lightweight, high-impact polystyrene framework for strength and durability in demanding commercial and industrial applications, offering superior performance, lower operating costs and significant energy savings. Available in MERV 11, 13, 14, 15, MERV 16 and 99.97% HEPA grade performance.

Puracell V and VX

Puracell V and VX Filter

Mini-pleat filters offering high efficiency and low initial pressure drop for extended service life. Produced in 12” depth metal box or header frame design. Available in MERV 11, 13, 14, 15, 16 & 99.97% performance. The media packs are completely sealed and bonded within the heavy-duty 26-gauge galvanized steel frame. An optional peripheral header design is available. Incorporates four holes to insert spring clips from a holding frame. Rated up to 180º F. Recommended final resistance for Puracell V is 2.0”, and for VX filters is 1.5″ w.g.

Puracell M and MH

Puracell M and MH – Mini-pleat filters

Mini-pleat filters designed for high efficiency applications and incorporate a heavy-duty 26 gauge riveted galvanized metal frame. An optional gasket can be applied. Available in MERV 11, 13, 14 & 15 performance.

Z-pak Filters

Z-pak Filters
Z-Pak Series filters for commercial and industrial applications are produced with ultra-fine fiberglass media fibers sealed in a rigid 26 gauge galvanized steel frame. They feature metal vertical brackets to stabilize the media pack and prevent air bypass. Available in MERV 9, 11, 13 & 15. Rated to withstand temperatures up to 180º F.

Magna Series

Magna GT Filters

Magna 950, 1000 & 1100 Series air filters are designed for high efficiency commercial and industrial applications. Produced in 6” or 12” depth metal or particle frame designs, with a 1/4” thick closed cell neoprene gasket. A 26-gauge galvanized steel header is available on the metal frame of the 950 Series. Available MERV 16, the 95%, 99.97% and 99.99%, Magna filters are U.L. Classified.

Carbotron Pleat

Carbotron Pleat Filter

The activated carbon used in the Carbotron Pleat can filter cigarette smoke, cooking, and vehicle exhaust odors.

Custom Commercial Filters Available

What if you have a special size or frame and filter combination? No problem! We can custom make high efficiency filters in any size, shape, or combination of frame and filter media. If you have the measurements available, we can get you a price quote quickly and let you know the turnaround time. At Twin City Filter, it’s fast and easy to get precisely the filter that you need.

And if you can’t find what you’re looking for, call us. Even if we don’t have it on our site – or even in stock — chances are we can make it or find it, and get it to you right away! We keep a large selection on hand so you can get the right filter today and get back to work quickly.

Call us at 612-721-4000.

“We have pretty much everything right in stock. And if we don’t, we’ll get it or make it ourselves!”
Matt - Owner/Proprietor

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