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Filter Products

We offer a tremendous variety of high quality filter products for a variety of industrial and commercial applications, now including MERV 13-16.. Whether you need air filters, grease filters – any filter product – we either have it, or can get it in a flash. The right product, right count, right quality for the right value, right away! See for yourself!
Merv 13 Pleats
Heavy Mesh and Light Mesh Filters
25 x 20 x 2″ and 20 x 20 x 2″ Baffle Grease Filters
(Back to Front) Glass Disposable,
Merv 13 Pleat Filter,
Link / Panel Filter
(Left to Right Top) Magna, Pocket Bag, Z-pack
(Left to Right Bottom)
Puracell VP, Puracell II, Puracell II MH
Pad Holding Frames(top)
Universal Holding Frames(bottom)
Assorted Cartridge Filters


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