Cottonwood Screens

Save Time, Save Money, Save Equipment

Easy Cleaning

= more frequent cleaning

= greater energy efficiency


How Air Intake Filters  Protect

  • Our Air Intake Filters are engineered mesh designed for high volume, high velocity air movement systems.
  • All screens are engineered to stop small airborne debris with extraordinarily low impact on static pressure.
  • They include a non-stick surface for quick and easy cleaning using a broom, brush, leaf blower or garden hose – even rain will rinse them clean.
  • Exterior mounted so debris never touches your system.
Easy cleaning with a brush

Easy cleaning with a brush, broom, leaf blower or hose.

Air Intake Filters are also known as Condenser Screens or Cottonwood Filters

How Cottonwood Filters Save You Money


Example: with 3 units at a tonnage rating of 25 and energy rate per kwh of .12, the yearly savings of clean condenser coils over moderately dirty condenser coils is 37%.

  • Clean coils run more efficiently yielding significant savings on energy bills.
  • Condenser screens make frequent cleaning quick and easy. No need to wait a full quarter before cleaning your equipment. Rain might even do the cleaning for you!

Condensor Screens (Cottonwood Filters) Options

Cottonwood screens are available in various filter grades and mounting options for all makes and models of equipment

Screen Options

Fine mesh filter with debris

Fine Mesh with Collected Debris

Industrial Mesh with Debris

Industrial Mesh with Collected Debris

Stackable Dual Ply Filters
Two or more plies are produced as individual filters that can be stacked on top of one another using common fasteners. Any combination of Commercial Duty, Industrial and Fine Mesh Media can be used.

Perfect for applications where cottonwood seeds, insects, etc. are accompanied by excessive dust. Also, ideal for helping to reduce snow buildup in duct & air chambers during winter periods.

More Options Available – Call for Details

Mounting Options

Cottonwood Filter Screens Are Universally Compatible With All Commercial and Industrial Equipment Makes & Models


Newly installed Cottonwood Pre-Filters – Industrial Grade

Screens are custom cut and can be installed using any of our quick release or quick removal systems.

To see how easy cottonwood filters are to install, watch our video.

YouTube video

Also Available:

  • Spin Knob Fasteners
  • Twist Lock Fasteners
  • Quick Fit Connectors
  • Magna-Track
  • Roller Track Systems
  • Custom Track Kits
  • Retractable Pulley Mount Systems
Cottonwood Roller track filter systems

Roller Track System

Cottonwood Pulley Mount system

Pulley Mount System

Protect ANY roof-mounted HVAC condenser coil and equipment. Call Now to determine track and connector requirements for your application.

Air Intake Screens Protect:


Rooftop Units


Air Handling Units


Intake Louvers


Dry Coolers


Air Cooled Chillers


Cooling Towers

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