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Cottonwood Filter Screens

Cottonwood Filter Screens

(aka Air Inlet or Intake Filters)

Filter airborne debris before it can clog or foul cooling towers, heat exchangers, air cooled chillers, rooftop units and other HVAC systems. Cottonwood Filter Screens are specifically engineered to mount on the exterior of your air take.

In addition to cottonwood and other types of debris, cottonwood filters also trap fall leaves.

Hail Guard Protection

Designed for high strength, durability, and specifically engineered for high volume, high velocity mechanical equipment. Even if you don’t live in “Hail Alley,” you may want this integrated galvanized framing system and a heavy duty fiber reinforced filter screen. For more information, visit our manufacturing partner at
Air Solution Hail Guard Protection.

Commercial & Industrial Filter Screens

We have Standard Duty Filters, Fine Mesh Grade Commercial Filters, Medium Duty Commercial Filters, Heavy Duty Commercial Filters, Industrial Grade Filters, Dual Ply Filters, Stackable Dual Ply Filters, Frame & Track Filters Systems, Slide Mount Filter Systems, Roller Track Filter Systems, Industrial Pulley Mount Filter Systems. For more information, visit our manufacturing partner at
Air Solution Commercial & Industrial Filter Screens.

Weather Guard for Low Ambient Operation

It takes as little as a 5 mph breeze to dissipate the heat necessary for a compressors to startup during frigid temperatures. Weather Guards block prevailing winds to prevent this. Or Weather Guards protect a cooling tower fill and sump from ice and snow. For more information, visit our manufacturing partner at
Air Solution Weather Guard for Low Ambient Operation.

Residential Condenser Coil Filters

Condenser Coil Filters allow AC units to reach temperature set points faster, reduce energy costs and reduce compressor pressure, which increases AC operating life. For more information, visit our manufacturing partner at
Air Solution Residential Condenser Coil Filters.

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Protect from hail
Protect cooling tower and basin components from hail (above), and from ice and snow build‐up (below) during winter shut downs.

Protect from snow
Prevent dirty condenser coils Slip-on technology
Slip‐on technology means quick,easy and secure,by simply turning studs onto a flange. (Patent Pending)

Clogged cooling coils Clear cooling coils

Commercial & Residential applications prevent dirty condenser coils, which can reduce efficiency, slow heating/cooling, increase energy consumption and reduce your AC’s life expectancy.

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