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Cottonwood Filters or Air Intake Filter Screens Protect Your Equipment

Cottonwood filters, also called air intake filter screens, protect your equipment from damaging cottonwood seed. In many parts of the country from May through August, poplar trees produce pollen on threadlike cotton seeds. If you’ve ever had to clean an air intake filter on a cooling tower in a part of the country where the Eastern Cottonwood tree is prevalent, you know how damaging the pollen filaments can be. They can easily clog an air intake filter, making the motor work harder to draw air into the system. Maintenance on such systems can be time-consuming, but necessary if you want to keep your system in top condition.


Cottonwood filter screens are engineered to fit on the air intakes of HVAC systems, cooling towers, heat exchangers and air-cooled chillers. They act as a buffer to screen out large particles and prevent them from entering the system. They’re available for residential as well as commercial systems in a wide variety of sizes that fit different units.

These types of filters also screen out other debris. Insects, leaves and trash can find their way into a system. Cottonwood filter screens prevent all types of large materials from clogging up your system. Our screens have bonded fibers and a special non-stick surface … your hand, a broom, even rain can clean these filters.

Cottonwood filters also can act as a hail guard.

If you spend an inordinate amount of time each spring and summer cleaning your system, it’s probably time to invest in cottonwood filter screens. An investment in a good-quality screen can pay off later in money and time saved from cleaning and fixing the system later.

For help choosing air intake filter screens or cottonwood filter screens, call on the professionals at Twin City Filter. We serve customers coast to coast. Twin City Filter may be reached at 612-721-2001.

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