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Commercial Cottonwood Filters

Throughout much of the United States during the spring and summer months, cottonwood trees produce seeds that can clog even the best filters. Cottonwood filters are engineered to fit on the air intakes of HVAC systems, cooling towers, heat exchangers and air-cooled chillers. They prevent these seed pods as well as other wind-born debris from entering HVAC systems.

There are three types of commercial cottonwood filters. These include:

  1. Heavy-Duty Commercial Grade Filters: Heavy-duty commercial grade cottonwood filters are ideal for all louvers, rooftop units, air handling units and some evaporative condensers and cooling towers.
  2. Industrial Grade Filters: Industrial grade filters are ideal for packaged and in-ground field erected cooling towers, evaporative condenser units and large tonnage air-cooled chillers and condenser units.
  3. Dual Ply Filters: Dual ply filters are idea for applications where cottonwood seed, insects, etc., is accompanied by excessive dust. They are also ideal for helping reduce snow buildup in duct and air chambers during winter periods.
  4. Fine Mesh Cottonwood Filters: As the name suggests, the mesh on these filters is finer, with the ability to catch tiny airborne particles. These filters are often used on HVAC systems and machine motor air intakes.
  5. Standard Cottonwood Filters: The standard cottonwood filter is used on most types of chiller coils and condensers. These can also be used on systems with louvered intakes.
  6. Medium-Duty Cottonwood Filters: The medium-duty cottonwood filters offer a robust filter that can withstand a lot of use. These are often found on larger units, commercial HVAC units and cooling towers.

Clogged Cottonwood Filters Cost You Money

Clogged filters make it harder for the motor to draw air into the system. The system runs more frequently to keep up with the demand, and this puts stress on the motor. The motor runs more often, wears out faster, and uses more electricity. On big commercial systems, the extra use can add up fast, causing more frequent maintenance and high energy bills.

Fortunately, cottonwood filters are easy to clean. Most have easy snap-in and out fasteners so that you can remove the filter and use your hand, a whisk broom, shop vacuum or a leaf blower to remove the debris from the filter.

For help choosing air intake filter screens or cottonwood filter screens, call on the professionals at Twin City Filter. We ship coast to coast, and offer next day delivery on most filters to Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, South Dakota and North Dakota. Twin City Filter may be reached at 612-721-2001.

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