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Choosing the Best Filter Frames

Why are some filter frames plastic while others are metal? It depends on the application. Plastic is lighter, flexible, works well in high moisture, but limits the media that can be used (you can’t use glass media in plastic frames). Also, plastic frames require media loading tools (a small expense that can save a lot […]

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Not All HVAC Filters Are Created Equal

HVAC air filters prevent particles from entering the system and damaging sensitive parts. However, not all filters are created equal. Some offer additional benefits to air quality, while others can reduce your costs. HVAC filters can be separated into two categories: Disposable and Permanent. Disposable HVAC Filters As the name suggests, disposable filters are used […]

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Tips for Choosing a Replacement Filter

Choosing a replacement filter is easy — right? You just look at the manufacturer and serial number on the existing filter and find a filter with the matching number. That’s the replacement. Easy. Right? Yes…and no. Replacement filters can be as simple as ordering the exact same thing. But what if you’re new to the […]

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