Belt Supplier for Many Industries - Twin City Filter Service

Belt Supplier for Many Industries


Twin City Filter Service isn’t just filters – we’re also belt suppliers. We sell belts for many industries. We sell:

  • Single V-Belts
  • Cog Belts
  • Synchronous Belts
  • PowerBand Joined Belts
  • Long Length Belting
  • Round Endless Belts
  • Link Belts

While we specialize in HVAC, belts power this nation. Yes, it sounds funny, but it’s true. Belts are used throughout the automotive industry in nearly every type of vehicle, from a passenger car to a truck. Without a good quality belt, you won’t get to where you want to go!

Belts are also used in agriculture. They power harvesters, tractors, seeding equipment, hay rakes and more. Belts make all types of work, even farm work, easier.

Product manufacturers nationwide also know the importance of a reliable, sturdy belt. Cog belts, v-belts, round endless belts, and many other types of belts power equipment, run conveyors to move boxes, and make manufacturing hum throughout the country.

As belt suppliers, we talk to a lot of customers throughout the week, and we’re glad to be of service as one of the best belt suppliers in the nation, and we look forward to serving you soon.

Twin City Filter Service offers all types of belts and air filters for residential and commercial needs.  We love helping customers find exactly what they need, and if we don’t stock it, we can find it for you quickly. We ship same day to customers coast to coast, and offer next day delivery in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, South Dakota and North Dakota. Twin City Filter Service may be reached at (612) 721-4000.

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