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Air Filters to Protect Sensitive Equipment

One of the most common misconceptions about air filters is that they’re intended to improve air quality. They can, but most air filters are used to screen particles out of the air before they enter equipment. Particles such as dust and lint can damage sensitive electronics, for example, or hinder the ability of HVAC equipment to work properly. By filtering the air before it enters the unit, the unit can function more efficiently over time. That goes for a car filter, an oil filter, or a commercial HVAC filter.

Air filters must be up to the task at hand. Consider what kinds of particles your air filter will encounter in the atmosphere where it’s intended to work. Particles released from manufacturing plastic are different from dust and mold spores; they’re different sizes and shapes, and different filtration material may be needed to get the job done right. Sometimes you need a pleated filter, and sometimes woven polyester may be just fine. It really depends on the environment, the filter and the job at hand.

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